Q. How the patient visit works?

Ans. It is a simple process. You create an account for free, you request a healthcare service, then a doctor will contact you to proceed a video conference visit.

Q. What is the status of the doctor?

Ans. Only medical board-certified doctors and who have the license to practice in your State will give you the appropriate health care service.

Q. Do I have the choice to select other than a video visit?

Ans. Yes, you can select other communication tools such as phone conference. However, there are some States who require a video conference visit like Texas and Florida.

Q. Which health conditions you doctor can treat?

Ans. You can find the list in the medical care section.

Q. When would I use American Ecare video visit?

Ans. You can use it anytime and anywhere

Q. Do you have a pharmacy service?

Ans. We only the doctor who send your prescription to your pharmacy of choice if he determines that it is needed as part of your treatment.

Q. What if there is a need of a lab work?

Ans. The doctor will send the lab work order to your laboratory of choice if he determine that it is needed as part of your diagnosis.

Q. Do you accept insurance?

Ans. We are not able to accept insurance right now, and we are working on adding the use of insurance option soon.

Q. What payment method do you accept?

Ans. We accept debit and all the major credit cards.